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    Just solved my own problem. FYI:

    Replaced $element->sizes->full->url with wp_get_attachment_url($attid) and works perfectly across the site.

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    I've written an element filter for Images placed in the gridder. This does several things:

    1. checks whether the image is linked manually and if so returns that link
    2. sets the image up for lazyloading
    3. sets the image up to work with a lightbox (if it's not manually linked)

    The problem that I'm having is $element->sizes->full->url returns the incorrect url for the image. My WordPress installation is in a subdirectory, and it returns an address that doesn't lead to the subdirectory.

    when it should be

    The odd thing is I am using the laygridder plugin on practically every page of my site – pages that were created with older versions of laygridder work correctly, this problem is only happening with pages that I have created since updating to the latest version of laygridder.

    works normally, was created with older version:

    does not work properly, was created with latest version:

    Here is the full code for my filter:

    function add_lightbox2($markup, $element){
    	$img = "";
    	$attid = $element->attid;
    	$alt = get_post_meta($attid, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', true);
    	$link_obj = property_exists($element, 'imagelink') && $element->imagelink != '' ? $element->imagelink : false;
    		if( $link_obj != false && property_exists($link_obj, 'url') ){
    			$target = '';
    			if($link_obj->newtab == true){
    				$target = 'target="_blank"';
    			$url = $link_obj->url;
    			if($link_obj->id != "" && $link_obj->type != ""){
    				$url = get_permalink($link_obj->id);
    			$img .= '<a href="'.$url.'" '.$target.' class="gray anim-link">';
    		} else {
    		$img .= '<a href="'.$element->sizes->full->url.'" rel="lightbox">';
    	$srcset = wp_get_attachment_image_srcset($attid);
    	$vw = LayGridderFrontend::get_vw($obj, $element->colspan);
    	$sizes = '(min-width: '.LayGridderOptions::$phone_breakpoint.'px) 80vw, 100vw';
    	$img .= 
    	'<div class="lg-placeholder" style="padding-bottom:'.($element->h/$element->w*100).'%;">
    		<img data-srcset="'.$srcset.'" sizes="'.$sizes.'" data-src="'.$element->sizes->full->url.'" alt="'.$alt.'" class="lazyload">
    	$img .= '</a>';
    return $img;
    add_filter( 'lg_frontend_img', 'add_lightbox2', 10, 2 );

    Help would be much appreciated as now many pages on my site aren't working properly!

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    @mariusjopen where can we download the latest release? I am on 0.1.2 but the Wordpress backend is telling me there are no updates available.

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    Where can I download the update? In WordPress admin plugin section it does not show an update available.

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