The Default textformat CSS is applied two recurring times in the code.
It's not breaking or anything, but just "more code for nothing".

Here's what I found :

I noticed in the inspector that the same CSS rule was applied two times to the same selector and that they were very close (line 109 and line 114)


I searched in laygridders files for .lg-textformat-parent > *, ._Default{ and added /* test n° */ to each occurence.


Result in the rendered HTML :


After code inspection, it seems like test 1 and test 5 are identical rules that can be both printed depending on those conditions :

  • "test 1" will be printed every time, no matter what.
  • "test 5" will be printed if LayGridderFormatsManager::$hasTabletSettings is false

I'm pretty sure we can delete the second occurrence ( where I commented /* test 5 */ ) without any consequence except cleaner code.

laygridder > formatsmanager > formatsmanager.php -- line 486

I also found this issue on most of the other website featured on
The ones I didn't find the issue probably had LayGridderFormatsManager::$hasTabletSettings enabled.