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Custom Image Sizes in JSON

Hey sorry for the late reply!

You'll need to add your image size to your theme's functions.php. Additionally you'll need to add that size to the "image_size_names_choose" filter.

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'add_my_image_sizes' ); function add_my_image_sizes() { add_image_size('mysize', 1000, 1000, false ); } add_filter( 'image_size_names_choose', 'my_custom_sizes' ); function my_custom_sizes( $sizes ) { return array_merge( $sizes, array( 'mysize' => __( 'My Size' ), ) ); }

Then you'll need to regenerate your images using the plugin "Regenerate Thumbnails
Now you'll need to re-insert the images you have already inserted in your grids to update the json. A double click on an image and a click on "Ok" in the media library should do it.

Here is a screenshot of my new size "mysize" appearing in the JSON:

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Text Size

Dear @Simon
thank you for the idea.

We will consider that!



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Please name your browser and browser version

Laygridder does not apply any textformat...


I got an issue with the textformats in the editor: No matter how many textformats I create, laygridder unfortunately does not apply them to the text-editors. It just shows a greyed out "Button"-option and I don't know since when that's the case. I tried to toggle every option in the settings of no avail. I replaced the plugin with a new download, reinstalled classic editor and deactivated a bunch of the existing plugins to reproduce the issue, but also with no success. Maybe I missed something. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks & greetings!

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Show a website you did that uses LayGridder


Ah! We love it! Very nice!!!!

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