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Open Project on first tap on mobile
Dear @pattn

This was 2 weeks ago now - sorry for such a big delay.
Are you still having trouble?

Best wishes Richard

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cannot find a button for mobile view mode
Dear Ted @TedYoon

Could you please confirm that Phone Layouts has been activated within LayGridder options:

Best wishes Richard

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Please name your browser and browser version

Gridder disappeared
Dear @borst @brogr @llos

I can create a download file for any previous version of Lay Gridder needed.
If so - Email me at lostfiles@laytheme.com with reference to this thread.

If you want to use version 1.2.3 & the following is true:

Wordpress is up to date.

Any custom CSS or JS that may interfere is temporarily removed.

Any suspect third-party plugins are de-activated to see if this resolves the issue.

Then please send your website address, /wp-admin/ username and password and a link to this topic to info@laytheme.com? for inspection

I will help as best i can and refer to Armin when needed

Talk soon & best wishes Richard

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Show a website you did that uses LayGridder


Ah! We love it! Very nice!!!!

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