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Open Project on first tap on mobile

Hi guys,
i'm struggling to open projects on first tap, if it's a smartphone/tablet. If i remember right, you changed this a while ago, so the caption:hover is triggered at first touch, project opens on second.

Is there an easy way to change this functionality back to the old version?

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cannot find a button for mobile view mode

Hi Armin,
I'm using LayGridder for my wp website but I can't find a button for the mobile view mode in the editor....

Please look at the top-right corner in the image! It's empty...

How can I solve this problem?


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Please name your browser and browser version

Gridder disappeared

Hi, I have the same problem with LayGridder 1.2.3. Can you advise?

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Show a website you did that uses LayGridder


Ah! We love it! Very nice!!!!

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